ILS/LSA Consultant Services

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ILS Associates Limited offer the following services in support of all ILS elements and LSA:

  • Bid Preparation.
  • ILS/ILS Element/LSA Management Plan development (following DEF STAN 00-60/00-40 as required) and subsequent management support.
  • Costing ILS and LSA.
  • Procedure development.
  • Business analysis and reporting.
  • Participation in any or all LSA tasks (following Mil Std 1388-1A/2A/2B or DEF STAN 00-60 as required).
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA).
  • Training development.
  • Management of the following programmes:
  • ILS.
  • LSA.
  • Supply Support.
  • Human Factors.
  • Training.
  • Technical Manual.
  • Support Equipment.
  • Safety.
  • Advice on Reliability, Maintainability, Testability and Availability, as they relate to the ILS and LSA processes.

Tel: 0117 9798822
Fax: 0117 9798833

Registered in England No.  3438236
VAT No.  GB 711 8960 31

ILS Associates Limited
Building 20Y-Yarner PO Box 5, Golf Course Lane Filton, BRISTOL, BS34 7QW

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