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Why ILS?

ILS, when applied in a logical and considered manner, will ensure an optimised support infrastructure for any system.  Formal methods of providing logistic support have been around for many years and have relied on a variety of evolving standards; however, the development and implementation was rarely integrated and a design was generally fixed before its support was considered.   The key benefits of ILS are: the formal Integration of the ILS elements (Supply Support, Training, Manpower, Support Equipment and Tools, Publications, Facilities, etc), the concept of including as a design consideration the optimisation of supportability and the application of a formal LSA from the concept stage through to the disposal.  UK MOD information on ILS can be found on

Why LSA?

LSA is the prime enabling tool of ILS that ensures the required integration through a series of formal tasks and a central database (the LSAR) to record its results for further revisions, iterations and use by any and all other ILS elements.  Thus a change in the design or any ILS element can be reflected across the support infrastructure in a timely manner.

Why ILS Associates Limited?

We are supported by a network of highly qualified consultants/staff who have considerable experience in their specialist fields and have proven their abilities. Our ILS/LSA managers have extensive experience in working with service industries and the MOD.  Our secretarial staffs have all worked for both large and small companies and are therefore able to fit into any work place with ease.

ILS Associates have the ability to offer more competitive rates than our larger competitors, due mainly to our flexibility. However this does not mean that we are not able to support large projects, our staff are highly skilled in all aspects of ILS/LSA and are supported by their own secretarial staff, thus enabling them to concentrate on the more significant aspects of the work.  Our Personnel Assistants, secretarial and general administrative staff have worked on large projects, in particular MOD ILS projects.  ILS Associates prefer to bid for defined work packages on a case by case basis; however, we are also able to provide a daily or hourly rate thus offering total flexibility.       

Tel: 0117 9798822
Fax: 0117 9798833
Email: mail@ILSAssociates.com

Registered in England No.  3438236
VAT No.  GB 711 8960 31

ILS Associates Limited
Building 20Y-Yarner PO Box 5, Golf Course Lane Filton, BRISTOL, BS34 7QW

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